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Individual Counseling

I provide Individual Counseling Services to Individuals 16+

Sessions are 50 minutes each.

  • Christian Counseling

  • Complex Trauma/Acute Stress

  • Grief/Ambiguous Loss

  • Relationship to Food, Body -/+ Exercise

  • Religious Abuse/Spiritual Wounds

  • Faith Deconstruction/Reconstruction

  • Anxiety

  • Shame

  • Highly Sensitive Persons + Neurodivergence

  • Women's Hormonal Disorders (PMDD, Endometriosis, etc.)

Trauma-Informed Yoga Group

“Too Deep for Words” is a 8-week support group (either virtual or in-person) with therapist, yoga instructor, and creator of Congruence Counseling. This group is specifically designed to take you deeper into your journey towards congruence and to address the felt incongruence in your body. Namely, your sense of feeling out of alignment psychologically is intimately connected with your misalignment physically, all the way down to your skin, nervous system, and neurons.


Throughout the group,  you will experience an integration of teaching, discussion, and guided yoga- practice focused on the role of neuroscience, the Gospel, and our lived experiences in our embodied stories. This hour and a half support group will provide you with experiential tools of yoga, breathwork, contemplative Christian practices, and evidence-based psychological interventions utilized to enhance your greater awareness of the role of your body in your journey towards congruence.

Contact to learn more.

My Approach
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