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Hi, I'm Sam, Licensed Professional Counselor and fellow human being trying to make sense of this world. My goal as your counselor is to walk with you in compassion and truth on your journey towards a more congruent life. 

Why "Congruence"?

You have probably sensed when something is “off” or incongruent, whether within:

  • Your own self (what you value versus how you act/feel/think)

  • The world around you (what you believe about others versus how you experience them)

  • Or in your worldview/spirituality (how you believe the world to work versus how you experience life).

The sense of things “being off” can feel so disorienting. I am here to be with you in the midst of the disorientation to help you make sense of your experience. And eventually, to walk with you towards a more congruent understanding and experience of yourself, others, and your spirituality.

The integration of sound Christian theology and sound psychology (Christian counseling) is another reason why I deeply value the notion of “congruence." Oftentimes, I hear from both the mental health community and the Church that theology and psychology “don’t go together.” That each have their place, but that their place is separate from the another. While they’re certainly entitled to their opinions, I don’t believe that is true- I have experienced the power of sound theology and its power to foster sound mental health. And while certainly having an accurate understanding of God, the Gospel, and yourself does not always eliminate your struggles and suffering, it certainly orients your experience in the context of the larger Story at work. Sound theological integration in the counseling process helps to facilitate a more congruent experience.

Want to know more about what this term "theological integration" means? Check out my blog post explaining it a bit further.

Why Congruence?
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